Whites You Ought To Own

Summer is around the corner and who doesn’t love a white piece for an easy breezy day. A white shirt, a white dress, white pants, and a white gown, our love for white is like our love for chocolates- the craving to want more never ends. White is everybody’s on-the-go color, a color that suits all occasions- a formal meeting, a beachy evening, a light a leaf day-out, and a gown for the wedding.

We have compiled some of the best whites you should own:

  1. Formal Shirt

A plain white shirt goes a long way. Pair it with a formal skirt and you are ready to get your workday started

  1. Ripped Jeans

Wear it with a black top or a nude pink top. White jeans look perfect with everything.

  1. White bell-sleeved dress

A day out in the city? Wear this cute dress and be picture-ready.

  1. White Denim Jacket

For the days that are not so hot or not so cold, opt for this white denim jacket and carry it with your day.

  1. White Floral Top

Flowers make everything look fresh, be it your life be it your top. Pair it white a pleated skirt.

  1. Black and White Dress

Looking for the one evergreen combination? Black and White is your answer. This is the one combination you can never go wrong with.

  1. Boho dress

Look extra hot in this tube white boho dress. This dress is perfect for the glamorous day out.

  1. White Crop Top

Flaunt your cute little belly in this white crop top. Pair it with a loose palazzo or blue denim.

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